Day 49: Malkhut

We have arrived at the end of our journey of the Omer, ready to receive the wisdom that Shavuot brings. As we camp at the foot of the mountain, and prepare to hear the voice of the sacred, we know we are ready because we have been doing the work these past seven weeks. The 7 of Pentacles reverses reminds us of the deep earth wisdom of this period: that in the Torah the Omer and Shavuot were agricultural observances related to the harvest season. Are you ready to reap what you have planted? Or do you need more time? For harvest will happen in its time, not ours. We just need to be grounded and ready for when it is. And is there a better image for revelation than a mountain, with a wide and firm base extending upward? How will you now incorporate your harvest, your received wisdom, into your life?

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