Day 47: Malkhut

The Three of Swords is sometimes known as the “sudden heartbreak” card. It’s true that sometimes this card shows us things we didn’t want to see, a sudden turn of events. But let’s complicate this a little. Flash floods exist and yet are less likely than the traditional buildup of rain. We can sense the pressure shift, the light changing, the cloud looming overhead. It begins to rain after a series of changes; it begins to rain once the cloud can hold no more. Considering Malkhut and leadership…if we are shocked at the choices our elected officials make, the ones that are not in alignment with our values, we must ask ourselves if we’re truly surprised. We must trust people when they show us who we are. What is the final bit of condensation before the rain begins to fall? If you can, #votethemout. Regardless, what can we do to show up for our community when our leaders show us who they aren’t taking care of?

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