Day 45: Malkhut

The Seven of Wands, like the Seven of Swords, asks us to factor in some things before we act. This card is prone to defensiveness. Sometimes things need to be defended. Other times, approaching from a self-preservation perspective can limit the conversations we are able to have. (Of course we must consider the role trauma plays in this; being triggered by circumstances is so, so challenging to navigate. And for many of us, there are forces that seek to disrupt our way of life simply for being who we are.) When we look at this card with Malkhut, we begin to ask ourselves about which conversations we shut down because we assume we know what the other person is going to say. In leadership, how can one protect one’s constituents and also work through compromise? It might not always be possible. This card is reminding us to ask ourselves that question, without an agenda of what answer we come up with

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