Day 42: Yesod

It’s day 42 and the #noahidecovenant! It’s interesting to thing about the relationship of laws and how they interact with Yesod. Rules can act as the foundation on which we build our own morals. They underpin society. The Six of Pentacles asks us to look at how we are giving our time and money and energy. Are we giving in ways that are in alignment with our integrity? It would be remiss of us to not state that society’s rules often fail to provide a solid, nurturing foundation for many people. We could look at this card as a redistribution of wealth, of attention, of life chances. Who is left behind? Who is the most vulnerable among us? A foundation is important because it provides a base level of understanding and something to build off of. We also know that a foundation isn’t everything. It is also important to consider which edicts are aligned with our own values. What needs revisiting? What needs reinterpretation?

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