Day 28: Netzah

Today the thing that sticks out the most about The Empress is how they are resting. Much of the time we associate the High Priestess will the paradoxical “active in-action.” However, the Empress also shows us that the growth and caretaking she is responsible for happens without her having to toil in the dirt *all the time*. So much of this week’s readings have been addressing burnout. The Empress is here to hammer that message home. Guilt certainly may arise when we talk about taking a break; society expects us to be productive all the time and the idea of “productivity” has very specific, “acceptable” outputs. This card shows us the inner care is just as important as outward care and we cannot fully invest in one or the other. At some point the wheat will grow so tall it will obstruct the view from the throne; at some point the wheat needs to be harvested. The Empress illuminates where we have been micromanaging and where we need to nurture ourselves. What details can you entrust to someone else? Where can you simplify or automate your process? How can you practice interdependence within your community? In what ways can you support others that are in alignment with your capacities?

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