Day 42: Malkhut she’b’Yesod

Sovereignty in Foundation
This day of the Omer corresponds with “Rainbow Day”–the date associated in Jewish tradition with the story of Noah and his family leaving the Ark after the great flood. When they emerged on dry land they were greeted by a renewed world and a promise for a better future, symbolized by the presence of a rainbow.The Nine of Pentacles invites us to take delight in all of our senses and enjoy our surroundings just as we can imagine Noah must have done. We celebrate the rainbow–a symbol of both the diversity and the unity of all life. When we are mindful of the beauty and wonder that surrounds us, we have an experience of the sacred that both roots us to and transcends our surroundings. The Nine of Pentacles also encourages our independence and self-sufficiency so we, like Noah, can have the inner strength and sovereignty of self to build a new foundation as we move towards a new and uncertain future.

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