Day 32: Netzah she’b’Hod

Endurance in Humility. 

Today is a unique day in the Omer and that significance is echoed in the appearance of a Major Arcana. This is the day on the Jewish calendar that tradition marks as the beginning of Noah’s flood, when the Torah teaches God decided evil was too rampant on earth and needed to wipe out all life through a flood. The level of environmental destruction and loss of human life in the story is unfathomable, but the impulse that lies at the heart of the Flood narrative is very recognizable: the need to admit that the path we have started is not healthy, and that we sometimes need to start again from the beginning. The World card echoes this sentiment and give us new guidance: rather than think about these admissions and restarts as failures, we must consider that even our missteps are accomplishments–they are acts and experiences from which we learn and grow. When we change course and begin again, we are not “resetting” so much as “leveling up.” Humility is that capacity to recognize when we need to shift our focus in order to be receptive to new growth and wisdom. And when we are able to do so we will come to see that our new course, like the world renewed after the Flood, will endure.


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