Day 27: Yesod she’b’Netzah

Foundation within endurance. 

This day of the Omer seems like a paradox. Yesod implies foundation, rootedness, stability. Netzah implies endurance, movement, action. How to reconcile the two? The Five of Swords hints at this paradox as well: this shadowy card reminds us of our tendency to indulge in self-sabotage and self-doubt , preventing us from moving forward. We may also direct blame for our inaction on others. Both of these tendancies give us excuses to remain where we are rather than were we need to be. As we draw towards a new week of the Omer, and as Five cards represent adjustment and shifts in energy, we are to be mindful about the ways that we do resist change even when we know that it is what we need and desire. And since so often this comes in the form of communication, we must watch how we talk to ourselves and others, avoiding negative self talk and negative speech towards others. In this way we can overcome the desire to stay where we are rather than persist on our journey of transformation.


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