Day 21: Malkhut she’b’Tiferet

Leadership within beauty/harmony. 
The King of Cups has the ability to lead with certainty by trusting intuition as our guide. Today’s card has the deep emotional awareness that comes from Cups and the social responsibility that comes from the role as King. Sometimes in order to create beauty and harmony, our decision-making may require us to put others feelings before our own. This is a good thing to engage in but it also calls for balance. The calm exterior with which the King leads has a shadow side too: in the name of serving others, there is potential to ignore one’s own feelings to the detriment of self. Today we are asked to check-in with how we feel, even if we need to temporarily put those emotions on hold in order to make decisions that create harmony with the greater whole. Honor yourself by making time to witness and acknowledge your own feelings. This is how we can be leaders of or own lives.


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