Day 15: Chesed she’b’Tiferet

Loving-kindness within beauty and harmony. 
Today we begin the week of Tiferet, beauty or harmony. Tiferet is the sephira of balance, when we try to find balance in our lives among all the different forces that pull us. The Moon card presents a challenge, reminding us of the anxiety and fear that we carry around with us. This card also reflects the new moon in Taurus. Although it is exact tonight, we may be feeling its effects right now. This new moon calls us to release our illusions of separateness that keep us disconnected from our bodies, nature, and our relationships with others. Our limiting beliefs can interfere with the harmony we seek. That is when we need chesed, loving-kindness, to have compassion towards ourselves, and to know that despite the fear and anxiety we can put things in perspective and see that balance is truly possible. 


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